Stupid Virus. BUT Guys I need your help to vote my friend! :)

So I went home from work sick because obviously I was feeling shit. It has been three days… finally just couldnt take it and went to the doctors and said it’s most likely one of the viruses going around. hmph. So I shouldn’t be on the computer but I won’t be long :)

Enough of me…


A favour! Could people I know please vote my friend Chanel Thomas to be the next Channel V presenter! Your vote counts! :D

All you have to do is click this link below, watch it (because it’s pretty funny) and then LIKE and HEART! ^-^

Here’s the link:



If you do watch the video, yes she’s pretty straight up honest ahhaha. But all the best to her!

So guys please vote by clicking the LIKE and HEART! :)

Note: Please Like and heart by Thursday!That’s only two days away! Make it count! :)

And You can vote from any country! :D

Thank you!! :)

Here’s a couple screenshots.

The Like and Heart Link! ^-^

Good luck Chanel!
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